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Keystate Homes is a local, award-winning and family-owned homebuilder.  Founded in 1979, Keystate Homes has nearly 40 years of experience and has designed and built homes for clients all over Northeast Ohio.  The company is committed to providing first-class customer service and delivering high quality, custom homes to its clients and maintains a strong reputation for its flawless execution and impeccable attention to detail. 

redhouse studio is an award-winning and locally-owned design studio that engages in all facets of architecture, from research and innovation in low impact material technologies, to design and fabrication, to building commissioning and net-zero retrofits.  The firm splits its time between market rate projects, humanitarian design, and research and education, working closely with clients in all cases to innovate and design sustainable solutions built for a brighter future for all.

Serving the amazing city of Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs for 20+ years, Ted has an extensive knowledge of both East and West side communities and is a recognized leader in the highly-specialized area of residential city sales.  In an ever-changing market, he is known for his vast knowledge of the housing market, financing, mortgage trends, design trends, what's hot and buying/selling strategies for his buyers and sellers! A new construction specialist he has worked on a number of luxury projects with the region’s top developers. 

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